How Will Summer Weather Affect My Foundation?

Summer in Texas can be described in one word: brutal.

Summertime in Texas, even in the Northern parts, can range in the triple-digits (100+ degrees) for at least three to four months out of the year, and sometimes longer. The hot, dry weather can wreak havoc on your foundation, and it can be a long term cause of more problems when it comes to the structure of your home.

The following are some effects of this hot, dry Texas summer weather on your home’s

Causes Cracks in Foundations:

The constant heat can cause the moisture that’s in your foundation to evaporate through the course of the hottest and driest months of the year. Your foundation and the beams supporting your home may respond by developing cracks. Your house can slowly start to sink over time if the issue is not addressed appropriately. Each time your house resettles, it can sink lower and lower unit you have a noticeable problem.

Causes Soil to Shrink:

The constant dry weather and lack of moisture can cause the soil around your foundation to shrink, which leaves more of your foundation exposed to airflow. The more airflow that can get to your foundation, the more chances there are that your foundation will crack throughout the year’s hottest months. Some types of soil are more likely to shrink faster than others, but all soils can shrink in some manner.

How Do I Protect My Home From Summer Weather?

If you are looking to protect your foundation during the hottest summer months in Texas, you will have to take some steps to ensure that your foundation remains in good shape throughout the entire dry season. The following are some tips to help ensure that you are protecting the foundation of your home against cracks, sinking, and other disrepair:

  • purchase a sprinkler system to help ensure that there is proper moisture in the soil surrounding your home
  • be sure to water your lawn for short durations of time – 10 – 15 minutes is recommended for a start
  • separate waterings by many hours to adequately ensure that the ground has proper time to soak up the water that’s provided to it
  • doing this helps you avoid overwatering your lawn as it can cause leaks in your foundation

Following these tips can help keep your home’s foundation protected throughout Texas’s driest and hottest summer months. A small increase in your water bill can save you a lot of costs in repairs of the foundation of your home in the future.

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