Count on Us to Remove and Replace Broken or Loose Mortar

You can count on us to remove and replace broken or loose mortar. We expertly match new mortar to existing mortar color on your home. We strip out old window and door caulking and replace it with high-grade silicone or latex caulk in the color of your...

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Foundation Types and Common Problems That Come With Them

Do you know what type of foundation your home has? It is not a difficult question to figure out with the help of the internet, but it is important to know the answer. There are the three primary foundation types.  Each comes with their own unique...

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How Often to Have a Foundation inspection Done?

When it comes to catching minor problems on a foundation before they become major ones, a foundation inspection is a must. However, the unfortunate reality is most people don’t call for a foundation inspection until there is already something...

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