Slab Foundation Repairs

Stabilize Your Sagging Foundation

Stabilize Your Sagging Foundation

We provide residential slab foundation repair in Garland, TX and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area

While concrete slab foundations are extremely strong and stable, they aren't damage-proof. If your foundation slab is cracked or crumbling, turn to the pros at M&G Pro Foundation Repair. We provide residential and commercial building foundation repair services in Garland, TX and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area.

Our pros can dig a tunnel under your foundation and place new support piers to level out sagging areas. This way, we won't have to dig up your entire foundation to fix the issue.

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We've got the tools for the job

Different foundations call for different support systems. Luckily, we know them all. We can install several types of beams and piers during our residential or commercial building foundation repair services, including:

  • Steel piers: 2 ⅞" steel pipes with Schedule 40 thickness and sleeve-lock steel segments
  • Combination piers: 2 ⅞" steel pipe while a large concrete piling to ensure the longevity of the pier
  • Concrete piers: Concrete piers are used for temporary repairs and may need periodic adjustments due to limited depth

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